You can launch in  weeks .

Not months.

We develop products 5x faster by building using a combination of code and no-code.

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We've helped founders save
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Launchleanly saved me tens of thousands of pounds in development costs and avoided me the endless headache of handling the build.

They've completely changed how I approach launching products.
Leo Branica
Founder, Champover
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Building as a startup can be a nightmare...

Your competitors are launching new features every week and you don’t have the resources to keep up.

Even if you’re well funded and have the needed resources, you’ll likely have to watch on as the teams struggle to move rapidly at scale.

After witnessing this ourselves in startups, we started Launchleanly to become the builders we wish we had.

This means launching new features in weeks, not months.

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Our solution is simple
What's your goal?

Build the back-end

We'll build the necessary databases and any associated APIs.

If you have an existing database, don't worry. We can build the front-end on top of your database or re-purpose your database.

Tools we use

Build the front-end

'No-code' carries the assumption it is limited in customisability. This is not true.

The UI is built to be a 1:1 mirror with your designs.

We then hook up all the data fields and points of functionality to the back-end.

Tools we use

Export the code (optional)

You don't have to worry about hosting your application - our partnered tool providers will take care of it.

However, we're able to export the code should you wish to self-host.

Tools we use

Replicate your front-end

First, the UI of your current product is replicated 1:1.

With a base replicated UI, we then build the UI for whatever new features are to be added.

Tools we use

Back-end integration

We set up all the necessary data calls to your existing database and function stacks.

Tools we use


Your new feature is set up on a sub-domain of your main domain.

When a user clicks the button to access your new feature, they are seamlessly routed to the sub-domain.

They have no idea it is built in no-code.

Tools we use
User is directed to
subdomain on click
"Why no-code?"
Highly performant and customisable
Reduced Maintenance
Done-for-you hosting architecture
Cost Effective
3x cheaper than traditional development
Cater for hundreds of thousands of users
Anyone can understand it visually
Speed, Speed, Speed
Build up to 5x faster than traditional development
Own The Code
You can export your application into Vue JS
What we've worked on
Design & Development
Reach Me
An AI outreach tool that automatically personalises intro messages.
Design & Development
RevOps tool for maximising user monetisation and retention.
Design & Development
News app where the user can ask questions about they article they are reading and get live answers.
Why build with us?
In-house Engineers
Available at anytime
3+ month hiring process
Take weeks to onboard
Build features in months
Reluctant to build experiments
Flexible contracts
Limited availability
Take weeks to onboard
Build features in months
Complicate work to charge more
Available at anytime
Flexible contracts
Onboard in days
Build features in weeks
Simplifies work
Cost efficient
Hi 👋
I started Launchleanly after seeing first hand how no-code can exponentially help startups like you.

Think you can move faster?
You probably can.
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Matthew - Founder
Have a question?
What is no-code?
No-code refers to the use of visual programming tools that do not necessarily require you to write code.

These tools mean we can develop extremely quickly.
Does no-code have limitations?
Yes, however, as the technology develops these limitations are becoming less and less.

Whenever we encounter a limitation of no-code, we implement custom code to add the functionality we require.
I need help with a specific part of a project, can you help?
Absolutely! Should you only need help with a specific part of a project, such as development of a specific feature, simply get in touch.
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Can I see an example of your work
Of course! Click the button below to see a recent project we worked on.
View case study
Do I have to host my application once it is complete?
No, all applications are hosted by the no-code tool provider. Our front-end tool of choice is WeWeb, so it would be hosted on their respective servers.

However, WeWeb does allow you to export the code should you wish to host the application yourself.
How do you decide what tools to use?
Our tool of choice for front-end work is WeWeb.

For back-end work, this greatly depends on your applications functionality requirements.
Are your applications secure?
Absolutely. We take full diligence in ensuring complete security when building applications.

This entails being conscious of what is being exposed in client-side data calls, integrating authorisation, restricting access to certain parts of the application based on roles, and various other concerns.
How do you calculate pricing?
This greatly depends on how long the build will take based on the functionality required.

The cost of each build is split into functional milestones. For example, if your app was an email client, the first milestone might be building the homepage where users can see their emails, and the second milestone might be building the ability to send emails.

Each milestone would have a calculated cost, depending on how long it will take to build. You're only charged on a per milestone basis, meaning you are not locked in to any contracts and can ensure you're happy with the build before work beings on the next milestone.
When am I charged?
Payment is taken at the start of each milestone. Once we complete a milestone, we give you a walkthrough of the work to ensure it has met your requirements given during planning.

Assuming you are happy with the work, we will then invite you to make payment for the next milestone before we begin work on it.
How do I get started?
Simply get in touch and tell us about your project!
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How do you scope the work?
We map out your entire user journey, breaking it down page by page and defining the expected functionality on each page.

Once we know what functionality is required, we can estimate how long development will take.
What is the design process?
The design process usually takes 1.5 - 2 weeks and is spread out over up to 4 iterations.

We'll first ask if you have any mockups or external designs you want us to work with. From there, we'll create a 1st draft of designs for the entire user journey and collaborate with you over a further 3 drafts before finalising the designs.
How can I track development?
We manage projects using ClickUp.

You have access to your project's board, meaning you can see at anytime what is being worked on.

We also will send you a weekly v the work completed.
How is the handover completed?
Bubble and WeWeb have built in handover functionality, allowing us to simply transfer the application to your account.

Don't worry, we'll walk you through your application in the editor and give you a detailed breakdown of it's functionality.

If your project did not involve Bubble or Weweb, we will provide detailed technical documentation of what has been created and give you a live walk through of it's functionality.
What if I want something added after the handover?
We're happy to help! We offer an optional 'Refinement' package where we'll dedicate a set amount of hours each month to make any small changes you may need. If you have a larger request, such as a feature addition, we're also happy to assist.

Any unused hours in the 'Refinement' package carry over to the next month, so you can save up hours for a larger build should you wish.
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