Sales signals that matter

How we helped Champover build their automated RevOps platform

Tools used
MVP build, UI/UX design
Web application
WeWeb, Xano, Figma
Your beloved users need attention.
SaaS products are often introduced to companies by one person internally. One champion user who won't stop raving about how great the product is, until they finally convince their company try it out.

But the question is.....
What if that user leaves the company?

So often SaaS teams are shocked to see a long term customer churn, only to find out later that their champion user had switched companies weeks prior.

Introducing Champover...

Champover tracks your champion users and alerts you of job changes, automatically signalling you to high churn risk and the potential to sell into a champion's new company.
Our approach
When Champover approached us, they were testing their idea with a subset of users by manually tracking the needed data. Knowing this, we mapped out Champover's manual process and evaluated how best it could be built in an automated back-end.

Champover needed their users to upload data and have some way to manage this data. We opted for a CRM esque front-end, as this would allow the user to upload all necessary data while seamlessly being able to visualise the data and be alerted to any subsequent automated triggers.
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