Screenshot of no-code product

Automatic message personalisation

Make every piece of outreach personalised.

Tools used
MVP build, UI/UX design
Web application
OpenAI, Stripe
WeWeb, Xano, Figma
The cold outreach problem
In the modern day, getting someone's attention with an email is hard.

If you're someone people want to talk to, your inbox is already inundated with generic "Hey { name }" emails.

A little effort can go a long way in this regard.

How amazing would it be if the person emailing you mentioned the recent article you wrote, or complemented you on the recent initiative you led and mentioned the exact metrics you helped improve...

That is where Reach Me comes in.

Reach Me's ask for Launchleanly? Build a web application that generates personalised intro messages using only a person's LinkedIn profile.
Reach Me landing page
Step 1
The desired journey of a user in the Reach Me application was mapped out page-by-page. Doing so allowed us to define each piece of functionality required and estimate the amount of work to build each piece of functionality.

With this information, we knew what the core points of functionality within the application would be, and which pieces of this functionality would be the most technically challenging to build.
Screenshot of user journey
Step 2
With the functionality now mapped, the project could be broken down into milestones.

Breaking the project development into milestones meant we would be able to get user feedback at the end of each milestone, ensuring the requirements defined for the next milestone align with the feedback from users.

There were 4 key steps in the user journey, so 4 milestones were defined.
Screenshot of miletones
Step 3
In order to asses how best we could achieve the functionality required, a prototype was created.

There were 3 key questions we needed the prototype to answer:

1. Can we get the desired information from a LinkedIn profile automatically?
2. Can we generate a useable intro message with this information?
3. Can we export this information in a format (csv) that is easy to upload to a mail sender?

At this stage, no users are seeing the product, so the UI/UX was kept as simple as possible in order to build quickly.
Prototype mockups
Step 4
UI/UX Design
The final step before development begins is designing the UI/UX.

The first iteration of the product would only include the onboarding journey, so the designs needed to clearly highlight the steps to be taken and lead the user through the desired path.

Each step in the journey signifies a potential user drop off point, meaning we had to be diligent about minimising the amount of steps, yet still ensuring the user took the necessary amount of actions to generate quality results.

The design styling created was made to compliment Reach Me's dark colour palette.
Screenshots of UI mockups
Reach Me is currently in closed beta.

We're continuously working with them to iterate on feedback as they get closer to launch, and we look forward to seeing their progress!    
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